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Approval of Off-Campus Programs

Approval of Off-Campus Programs


For the most part, academic programs at UIC are approved to be offered “on-campus,” or in Higher Education Region 10 (Chicago). On occasion, academic units want to offer 50% or more of a degree program at off-campus sites (outside of region 10) in other higher education regions of Illinois. The ten Higher Education Regions are:

1 = North Suburban
2 = Fox Valley
3 = West Suburban
4 = Western
5 = Central
6 = South Metro
7 = Prairie
8 = Southwestern
9 = Southern
10 = Chicago

For an Illinois map of these regions, see Regional Map

Creating an Off-Campus Program

To gain approval to offer a new or existing degree program at an off-campus site, the sponsoring unit prepares a proposal using the Request for a New Unit of Instruction format. See Request to Offer An Out of Region Degree

Review Process

Once approved by the appropriate department and college/school, the off-campus proposal should be forwarded to the Office of Programs and Academic Assessment for review by the Provost’s Office. If the program is within the Graduate College, the proposal will be forwarded to the Graduate College for its information, and then sent (through the Assistant Vice President for Academic Affairs Office) for IBHE review and approval. Unless the actual requirements for the degree program will vary from the approved on-campus program, no Senate or Board of Trustees action is required.