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Banner Code Reports and Enterprise Data Warehouse

The Banner data system and its warehouse, the EDW, are currently used at UIC to store and manage student, human resources, and financial information. Student application data was first entered into the Banner system for Fall 2003 applicants. Registration data was first entered for the Fall 2004 term.

Banner Codes

The following links provide lists of UIC organization codes (e.g., college, department codes) and UIC student information (e.g., program codes, minor codes, and diploma titles). In some cases, there are look-up tables that provide legacy values from former UFAS or ISIS codes to Banner codes. All of the reports listed below were generated by the Office of Programs and Academic Assessment, and include the date the report was generated at the top of the report.
Department Codes Subject Codes
Sub-Department Codes Program Codes
College Codes Diploma Titles
School Codes Minor Codes
Administrative Rollups CIP Codes

Decision Support and EDW

The University of Illinois has developed an enterprise data warehouse which contains information from Banner and other operational systems maintained by the University. The EDW provides data on budgets, financial transactions, expenditures, human resources, payroll, and students.

Enterprise Applications

Enterprise applications can be found through the links below.
  • Administrative Applications
  • U of I Codebook (requires login with Enterprise ID)