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Course Approval Process

General Information

The Office Programs and Academic Assessment (OPAA) maintains a master course catalog file of all approved courses offered at the University of Illinois at Chicago. The master course file is a major component of Banner, the Universityís Student Information System. This catalog module provides various constituencies of the University with an up-to-date and common reference source of course information.

The faculty, in reviewing curricular offerings within a program or in attempting to meet studentís needs, may make changes to the Universityís master course catalog by adding, dropping, or changing courses to meet specific needs of a curriculum.

The Course Request System (http://www.uic.edu/depts/oaa/acadprog/crs) is the web-based automated workflow approval system used by all units to process new courses, changes in courses, course drops, and permanent cross-lists between two or more units. Course requests are also used to request General Education Credit for existing or new courses.

In order to compile and maintain an accurate inventory of approved courses, all requests for approval of new courses, changes in existing courses, and course drops are processed according to the following general procedures: Each course on campus is designated with a unique course subject and number. The course subject may be up to four characters and is the area abbreviation (e.g., LING for Linguistics). Valid course numbers are three digits without the addition of alpha prefixes or suffixes. Information collected in CRS describes the offering of a course, and most of the information requested is required for educational policy review. In addition, much of the information is included in the course catalogs and Schedule, and is required for student registration and records. Some of the key information gathered by the system for the Schedule and catalogs include the course title, course description, prerequisite, credit hours, and notes to students. All of this information is relevant whenever the course is offered.

A unit may add, change, or drop any course it controls. If a unit wishes to change a course that it cross-lists with but does not control, that unit must contact the controlling unit to initiate the request.

This information is intended to give readers a general overview of the course request process. Specific, detailed help on using CRS in the form of instructions, policy information, and examples is available directly from the web-based application. Questions about using CRS may be directed to the Office of Programs and Academic Assessment, extension 3-3463.