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Alias Courses

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An alias course is another subject/number combination for this course that it was known by in the past. An alias course may be a prior version of a course, which may be identified by a different course subject and/or course number. The alias information will be automatically populated by CRS upon approval of the course by Academic Programs.

The information will appear in the course catalog as:

“Previously listed as EECS 170.”


  1. AAST 201           
    Explanation: AAST 201 is being renumbered to AAST 102. Therefore, AAST 201 will be listed as an alias of AAST 102.

    The course catalog will read:
    “Previously listed as AAST 201.”

  2. EECS 170
    Explanation: EECS 170 is being assigned the new subject ECE. EECS 170 is the prior subject designation for this course, thus EECS 170 will be the alias course of ECE 170.

    The course catalog will read:
    “Previously listed as ECE 170. ”