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Recommended Background

(page 4 of course request)


You will insert recommended prerequisites in the same manner as for prerequisites (see “Prerequisites – Instructions for step-by step instructions). The pull-down menus with specific phrases are not included for recommended background. Thus, any other recommended prerequisites should be typed into the text box.

Recommended background may be prior academic work, experience, or other qualifications that are recommended, but not required. Recommended work may provide some background that will be helpful, and faculty want to signal that to potential enrollees. But such background is not essential to success in the course, nor can faculty assume that students will bring such knowledge with them into the classroom.


Examples that are appropriate as recommended background are listed below.

The response indicated here will print in the course catalog as:

Recommended Background:

  • CHEM 102

  • 6 credits hours in English

  • Two history courses at the 300 or 400 level

  • Two SOC courses

  • Knowledge of research design

  • One course in Shakespeare

  • Prior course work in English

  • Bachelor's degree in horticulture

  • Three years of teaching experience

  • Travel or study in France