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Related Academic Program and Course Requests

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If the unit plans to offer this course only if one or more related courses are established, changed or deleted, or if one or more related academic programs will be established or changed, this request should not be processed apart from those related course or academic program requests. If any other course requests or academic program requests need to be processed at the same time as this request, identify each such request by entering the name of the courses (course subject and number) and/or name of the program(s).

An academic program may be, for example, a major/degree program, concentration, certificate program, or a minor.

Note that Academic Programs will hold the course request until the academic program request/revision is approved by the campus and, if necessary, Board of Trustees or Illinois Board of Higher Education. You must notify Academic Programs if the course request needs to be available prior to the approval of the new or revised program.

Examples of related course requests:

  1. New course request for ENGL 202 and ENGL 203.

  2. Revisions to all ENGL 200 259; and new course request for ENGL 340.

  3. Drop request submitted for PSCH 303, submitted by the Department of Psychology.

  4. Drop request for PRCL 650.

Examples of related academic program requests:

  1. Revision of the Major in English, Bachelor of Arts in Liberal Arts and Sciences.

  2. Revision of the Master of Business Administration program.

  3. Establishment of the Pharmaceutical Biotechnology Concentration for the Ph.D. in Pharmacognosy.

  4. Establishment of the Ph.D. in Disability Studies.