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Course Request Help Topics

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Cross-Listed Courses

(page 1 of course request)


*Each cross-list indicated will require that a justification be entered.

Indicate that the course will be cross-listed by selecting the cross-listing subject from the pull-down menu. Then enter the course number of the cross-listing course. The cross-list course number you select should be the same as your course number. Please insure that the cross-list course number you enter is available for use and not currently used for another approved course.
You may enter up to two cross-lists. Insert the course subjects in alphabetical order. For each cross-list indicated, provide a brief justification for cross-listing.

Note that once a course request is approved by the controlling department, a cross-list cannot be added or removed from that course request. If the cross-list response needs to be modified after the controlling department approves the course but before the controlling college has approved it, contact the Office of Programs and Academic Assessment (OPAA) for guidance.

To add a cross-list to an existing course, add the cross-listing subject/number on a change request.

To remove a cross-list from an existing course, remove the cross-listing subject, number, and justification on a change request. You should also route the course request to the non-controlling units for signoff (contact the OPAA for specific instructions.)

The cross-list status of a course will be reflected in the course catalog. For example, with reference to CHSC/DIS/DHD 564, the cross-list status will be reflected as follows:

The following phrase will be included in the CHSC 564 course listing: "Same as DHD 564 and DIS 564."

The following phrase will be included in the DIS 564 course listing: "Same as CHSC 564 and DHD 564."

The following phrase will be included in the DHD 564 course listing: "Same as CHSC 564 and DIS 564."

The units (departments/units and colleges/schools) controlling the cross-list subject(s) indicated will be emailed and asked to give their approval to this request.

Cross-Listed Courses – Policy

A cross-listed course is a course listed by two or more departments (or listed under two or more course subjects) in which the same instruction is given simultaneously to students from each department (or to students registered in the course under each subject). In the class registration process, the student will be assigned into the subject requested. Up to three courses may be cross-listed, with one unit controlling, and usually staffing and scheduling, the course.
It is campus policy that cross-listed courses be identical in every way. The only exceptions to this are course subjects.

A unit that wants to cross-list a course with another unit must negotiate and obtain from the other unit an agreement to cross-list prior to the submission of the course request. Once an agreement has been reached, the controlling department fills out the Course Request indicating that the course is cross-listed in 5. A brief justification for each cross-list is required. In the justification, units should address the role the course will play in the non-controlling unit, e.g., applicability of the course to the mission of the non-controlling unit’s program and whether it will be required, recommended, or an elective for those students, and any kind of shared instruction arrangements between the departments.

After the controlling department submits the course request, emails are generated to the controlling college, non-controlling (cross-listing) department(s), and non-controlling (cross-listing) college(s), if different that the controlling college. The non-controlling department(s) and college(s) (if applicable) must approve the course request before the controlling college can approve the course.

For temporary cross-listing, usually for the purpose of cross-listing topics courses for a single term only, contact the OPAA, 3-3463.


  1. Controlling course subject and number: ANAT 527 Cross-Listed with:

    a) BIOS 527

    Justification: Anatomy 527 is a lecture course offered to graduate students. It should be cross-listed with BioS 527 because the material in the course is highly relevant to the graduate training of students specializing in neuroscience. Its content is largely at the systems level and it thus complements, but does not duplicate, material covered by other neuroscience courses in BioS. Many BioS students are starting to take this course and we wish to explicitly encourage students from both departments to include the course in their graduate training.

    Note: The phrase "Same as BIOS 527." Will be listed in the catalog description for Anatomy & Cell Biology 527.
    Note: The phrase "Same as ANAT 527." Will be listed in the catalog description for Biological Sciences 527.

  2. Controlling course subject and number: DHD 564 Cross-Listed with:

    a) CHSC 564

    Justification: This course provides a comprehensive overview of the developmental disabilities field and is relevant to students enrolled in the School of Public Health.

    b) DIS 564

    Justification: This course provides an analysis of the historical and current approaches to the treatment of persons with disabilities within institutions and the natural community. It provides an important perspective for the understanding of current research issues, services systems, public policies, legislation, and litigation pertaining to disability. It is relevant to all concentrations in the Disability and Human Development and Disability Studies programs.

    Note: The phrase "Same as CHSC 564 and DIS 564." Will be listed in the catalog description for Disability and Human Development 564.
    Note: The phrase "Same as DHD 564 and DIS 564." Will be listed in the catalog description for Community Health Sciences 564.
    Note: The phrase " Same as CHSC 564 and DHD 564." Will be listed in the catalog description for Disability Studies 564.