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General Education Credit

This page will appear only if you have requested General Education credit on page 2 of the course request.


The following MUST be true in order to request Gen Ed Credit:

  1. The course must be at the 100 or 200 level.

  2. Each category of General Education has its own description that reflects the general theme of the category. When a category has been selected for the course, at least one outcome must be chosen from the list of outcomes presented under the General Education category. Additionally, for each General Education category selected, at least one selected outcome must have at least one assessment method entered.

  3. Each general education course must include at least one of the following components: (1) a laboratory, (2) a substantial paper or writing assignment appropriate for the subject matter (a minimum of one 5-7 page paper or two 2-3 page papers, in addition to essay examinations, that are due before the end of the term and returned to the student before final examinations), or (3) assignments that include either problem sets or written data analysis. Additionally, students must be given written feedback on the assignments during the course of the semester.

The following steps are required to complete the page.

If you have chosen to request General Education credit, you must:

  1. Select one or more of the six General Education Categories: Analyzing the Natural World, Understanding the Individual and Society, Understanding the Past, Understanding the Creative Arts, Exploring World Cultures, Understanding U.S. Society.

    Courses selecting Analyzing the Natural World (ANL) Only: The College of Liberal Arts and Sciences requires that students take two laboratory courses from the General Education category ‘Analyzing the Natural World.’ Therefore, courses considered non-laboratory are noted as such in the undergraduate catalog for students. Please check the relevant box displayed if the ANL course you are proposing should be considered non-laboratory for this purpose.

    If you choose more than 2 categories, then you must rank them, with the number one (1) being the most desirable category.

  2. Choose the appropriate learning outcomes under each General Education Category selected. You must select at least one learning outcome for each General Education category you are proposing.

  3. For each General Education Category selected, enter at least ONE assessment method for at least ONE of the learning outcomes identified for that category. Do this by clicking on the “Assess” link located to the right of the outcome. In the pop-up box, you may
    • select one or more assessment methods provided in the window, and click on “Add” directly below the window to choose that assessment method. To select multiple methods, hold down the “control” key for each selected item after the first one chosen, and once all desired methods have been chosen, click on “Add.”
    • Click on the “Add” link located on the lower portion of the pop-up box. You will be provided with a text box in order to type in a description of your own assessment method. You have a total of 300 characters to describe each assessment method. Please insert only ONE assessment method per box.

    • Be sure to click the “Save” button when you have finished entering the assessment method(s) for the chosen learning outcome.
      You may make changes to the current assessment methods for a particular GE learning outcome by clicking on the “Edit” link provided for those outcomes that already have assessment information.
      NOTE: Keep in mind that at least one assessment method for at least one General Education learning outcome per General Education category must be identified here. Course assessment methods related to the course learning outcomes (in relation to specific course content) are required on page 3. Your answer(s) here may be helpful in completing the “Course Learning Outcome Assessment Methods” section on page 3.

  4. Explain why the course should be included in the selected General Education category or categories.

  5. Requests for General Education will need to be approved by the line college, the College of Liberal Arts and Sciences (if not the line college), and the Senate Committee on Educational Policy before they can be offered for General Education credit.

General Education Credit -- Policy

The New General Education policy has been taken from the report “General Education at UIC: Setting the Foundations for University Study.” Proposed by the Educational Policy Committee, College of Liberal Arts and Sciences, and approved by the UIC Senate on March 17, 2005. To view the entire report, please refer to the document General Education Guidelines