Source:   UIC Office of Programs and Academic Assessment Website

Degree Programs

Programmatic Change For New and Existing Programs

Establishing New Degree Programs and Changing Existing Programs

From time to time, units will propose the establishment of a new degree program in keeping with the program development objectives of those units.

In order to prepare a proposal for a new undergraduate degree program, the authors must follow a format prescribed by the Illinois Board of Higher Education. It is a rather lengthy and involved process calling upon the proposers to address specific issues and concerns of the IBHE, to provide information, and to complete tables with required data. The IBHE format is included in this section.

For a variety of reasons, departments, schools, or colleges may want to revise curricular requirements for existing degree programs, change general graduation requirements of the college, modify the criteria for honors, introduce new or eliminate existing courses, change degree titles, redesignate departments, alter academic organization, or create new instructional units.

These proposed changes may result from mandates of accrediting agencies, efforts to stay current with the needs of the professions, to keep with trends nationally in higher education, or to affect economies of operation. Whatever may be the rationale, there is a campus process for seeking authorization for the kinds of changes mentioned here.