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General Education Categories and Outcomes by Courses

Approved as of 09/18/2018

All general education courses are approved by the Senate Committee on Educational Policy (SCEP) to teach certain general education categories and learning outcomes. The general education categories includes: Analyzing the Natural World, Understanding the Individual and Society, Understanding the Past, Understanding the Creative Arts, Exploring World Cultures, and Understanding U.S. Society. Each category specifies 4-7 learning outcomes, which describe knowledge, skills, and abilities students should obtain upon completion of general education courses. For more information on the UIC General Education Program, please follow this link: GenEd Proficiencies

Each semester, UIC randomly samples general education courses, allowing selected instructors to share how they have helped students to learn general education outcomes and how their students have achieved the outcomes in their courses. To view the general education categories and outcomes approved for individual courses, please select the appropriate subjects below.

  • African-American Studies  (AAST)
  • Anthropology  (ANTH)
  • Arabic  (ARAB)
  • Archaeological Studies  (ARST)
  • Architecture  (ARCH)
  • Art  (ART)
  • Art History  (AH)
  • Biological Sciences  (BIOS)
  • Catholic Studies  (CST)
  • Chemistry  (CHEM)
  • Classics  (CL)
  • Communication  (COMM)
  • Computer Science  (CS)
  • Criminology, Law, and Justice  (CLJ)
  • Dialogue (DLG)
  • Disability and Human Development  (DHD)
  • Earth and Environmental Sciences  (EAES)
  • Economics  (ECON)
  • Education  (ED)
  • Education al Psychology (EPSY)
  • Electrical and Computer Engineering  (ECE)
  • English  (ENGL)
  • French  (FR)
  • Gender and Women's Studies  (GWS)
  • Geography  (GEOG)
  • Germanic Studies  (GER)
  • Global Asian Studies Studies  (GLAS)
  • History  (HIST)
  • Honors College  (HON)
  • Human Nutrition  (HN)
  • Humanities  (HUM)
  • Interdisciplinary Studies in the Arts (ISA)
  • Italian  (ITAL)
  • Jewish Studies  (JST)
  • Korean  (KOR)
  • Kinesiology (KN)
  • Latin American and Latino Studies  (LALS)
  • Linguistics  (LING)
  • Literatures, Cultural Studies, and Linguistics  (LCSL)
  • Lithuanian  (LITH)
  • Mathematical Computer Science  (MCS)
  • Mathematics  (MATH)
  • Military Science  (MILS)
  • Modern Greek  (GKM)
  • Music  (MUS)
  • Native American Studies  (NAST)
  • Natural Sciences  (NATS)
  • Philosophy  (PHIL)
  • Physics  (PHYS)
  • Polish  (POL)
  • Political Science  (POLS)
  • Psychology  (PSCH)
  • Public Health  (PUBH)
  • Public Policy  (PPOL)
  • Religious Studies  (RELS)
  • Russian  (RUSS)
  • Social Justice  (SJ)
  • Sociology  (SOC)
  • Spanish  (SPAN)
  • Theatre  (THTR)
  • Urban Studies  (US)