Source:   UIC Office of Programs and Academic Assessment Website

General Instructions

New Courses

A new course is one that is not currently listed in the course catalog with its own course number and title. The content may have been offered under a general topics course in the past.

A new course may be permanently or temporarily approved. If a course is permanently approved, it is placed in the course catalog and may be offered until it is actively dropped.

Ordinarily, a course receives temporary approval for one term only and is not placed in the published catalog. Units should submit the temporary course outline by the deadline date published each term by the Office of Programs and Academic Assessment. Temporary approval is requested when:

  • Final approval of a course outline is pending

  • The course is offered on an experimental basis

To convert a course to permanent approval, the course should be changed in CRS. The unit should request permanent approval and designate a specific beginning effective term.

If the content of a new course already exists in another course that a unit plans to drop, it is advised that the unit revise the old course rather than create a new course and drop the existing course if the student cannot receive credit for both the old and new courses. If the student may receive credit for both the old and new courses, the unit should drop the old course and add a new course to accommodate the new content.