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Policy Issues for Academic Courses

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General Education Requirements

Effective Fall 2007 a new General Education System will be followed. The new model has two main components: a grouping of core courses that are clustered around six themes (see General Education Core) and sets of required proficiencies. The specific requirements vary from college to college. All colleges, however, require a minimum of 24 semester hours of credit (per Board of Trustees) with at least one course in each of the six categories of general education for the first component and proficiency in writing (as demonstrated by successful completion of English 160 and 161 or by certain scores on placement or other tests) for the second component.

Units on campus that revise undergraduate degree programs should incorporate the above campus requirements into their revisions.

Courses which fulfill the general education must be reviewed and approved by the Senate Committee on Educational Policy. More information on the General Education Program and courses that currently fit the proposed model please click here

If any unit wishes to propose a new or existing course to fulfill the general education, the unit should contact the Office of Programs and Academic Assessment at 3-3463 for further information.