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Policy Issues for Academic Courses

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Section-Level Prerequisites Listed in the Timetable

The campus will allow units to insert in the Timetable (Scheduling Office) certain prerequisites associated with specific sections of a course (e.g., topics courses). Since the topic of a course may vary from term to term, it follows that the prerequisite may vary also. The Timetable can be a useful tool to advertise section prerequisites to topics courses. It may be necessary, however, to set some guidelines and rules for such section prerequisites. For example, one rule may be to change the existing prerequisite for all courses, for which section prerequisites may be inserted, to "Prerequisites may vary from section to section, depending upon topic." This would inform everyone that section prerequisites are acceptable for the course.

The goal of establishing guidelines and rules is to keep section prerequisite information down to a minimum so that it does not add to the length of the Timetable.

Endorsed by the Senate Committee on Educational Policy (SCEP) on April 13, 1999.