Source:   UIC Office of Programs and Academic Assessment Website

Review Beyond the Campus

Board of Trustees

The Office of Programs and Academic Assessment (OPAA) is responsible for submitting to the Board of Trustees those items, passed by the Senate, that require BOT action. Minor programmatic revisions that do not require BOT review and approval are reported to the BOT for information.

The items that typically need Board approval are: establishment of new degree programs and centers and institutes; redesignation of a unit name; redesignation of a degree title; reorganization of a unit (merger, change in status, elimination, etc); and major programmatic changes (dropping a thesis requirement, major reduction in hours). The Board items are prepared by OPAA and submitted to the Office of the Provost which, in turn, forwards the items to the Chancellor. The Office of the Chancellor then submits all items to the President's Office. Items requiring BOT action must be submitted to the Chancellor at least one month before the scheduled BOT meeting.

Once an item is approved by the BOT, the campus is informed by copy of the Board item bearing the stamp and signature of the Secretary of the Board.