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Review Beyond the Campus

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Ph.D. Proposals

The submission to the IBHE of a proposal for a new Ph.D. requires two additional levels of review. Besides the review undertaken by the IBHE staff, the proposal is submitted to at least two consultants, selected by the IBHE, who are experts (noted scholars) in the field of the proposed Ph.D. Prior to the review by the consultants, the IBHE provides the campus with the list of their names and institutional affiliations. The campus and the proposing unit are afforded the opportunity to recommend deleting names from the list. When the consultant list is finally agreed upon, the proposal is sent to two from that group for review. The consultants will report in writing to the IBHE staff, giving their assessment of the proposed Ph.D.

The IBHE staff will share these evaluations with the campus, requesting campus responses to the consultants reports. In the same manner as other proposals, the authors, with the help of the Office of Programs and Academic Assessment (OPAA) and the OVPAA, will respond to the issues raised by the consultants and the IBHE or revise the proposal in a manner suggested by the IBHE. When the IBHE is satisfied that the University has provided as much information as possible, the BHE staff will make its recommendation to the Board to approve the establishment of the new Ph.D. or to reject the proposal. Whatever decision is made, it will be communicated to the OVPAA which, in turn, will notify the Office of Programs and Academic Assessment at UIC.