Source:   UIC Office of Programs and Academic Assessment Website

Temporary Cross-lists of Sections

Instructions on Temporary Cross-listing of Sections

**New for 2009** Temporary cross-list forms will no longer be due on the deadline for course change requests. There will be no early deadline for temporary cross-list forms though they must be turned in before registration begins for a term.

1. This form is used for the temporary cross-listing (one term only) of existing course for the purpose of cross-listing topics sections.

2. Ideally this form should be filled out by the unit requesting a temporary cross-list (the non-controlling course). Each unit in the cross-list should sign the form and add appropriate information as needed

3. Controlling College: Please forward the original to the Office of Programs & Academic Assessment (OPAA). An email will be sent to each approving unit upon completed processing.

4. For additional information regarding the temporary cross-listing of courses, contact the Office of Programs and Academic Assessment at 3-3463.