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October 15, 2015

Graduate and Professional Subcommittee

Undergraduate Subcommittee

External Education Subcommittee

Adobe Acrobat Proposal to Rename the Center for Pharmaceutical Biotechnology as the Center for Biomolecular Sciences [INFORMATION ITEM] - (SCR REVISED)

Adobe Acrobat PR-16.01, Proposal to Rename the Concentration in Pharmaceutical Biotechnology within the PhD in Pharmacognosy as the Concentration in Biomolecular Sciences

Adobe Acrobat PR-16.02, Proposal to Revise the Doctor of Pharmacy (PharmD)

Adobe Acrobat PR-16.09, Proposal to Establish the Master of Science in Medical Physiology (SCEP REVISED)

Adobe Acrobat Proposal to Add a Course (STAT 130) to Satisfy the Quantitative Reasoning Requirement for Undergraduate Students in the College of Liberal Arts and Sciences [INFORMATION ITEM]

Adobe Acrobat PR-16.03, Proposal to Establish the Minor in Professional Writing (SCEP REVISED)

Adobe Acrobat PR-16.04, Proposal to Establish a Concentration in Professional Writing within the Bachelor of Arts in Liberal Arts and Sciences, Major in English (SCEP REVISED)

Adobe Acrobat PR-16.05, Proposal to Revise the Bachelor of Science in Nutrition, Coordinated Program Concentration and Revise the Bachelor of Science in Nutrition, Nutrition Science Concentration

Adobe Acrobat PR-16.06, Proposal to Eliminate the Minor in Jewish Studies

Adobe Acrobat PR-16.07, Proposal to (1) Reorganize and Consolidate the Program in Asian American Studies and Asian Studies Program as the Global Asian Studies Program; (2) Redesignate, Consolidate, and Revise the Minor in Asian American Studies and the Minor in Asian Studies as the Minor in Global Asian Studies; and (3) Redesignate and Consolidate the Asian American Studies (ASAM) Rubric and the Asian Studies (ASST) Rubric as the Global Asian Studies (GLAS) Rubric

Adobe Acrobat PR-16.08, Proposal to Establish the Bachelor of Science in Liberal Arts and Sciences, Major in Integrated Health Studies

Adobe Acrobat General Education Requests - Cover Letter

Adobe Acrobat CP-16.01, Proposal to Revise the Global Learning Community Campus Certificate (SCEP REVISED)