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September 8, 2005

Graduate and Professional Subcommittee

Undergraduate Subcommittee

Microsoft Word Revision of the Prerequisite Coursework for Admission into the Doctor of Pharmacy (PharmD) Program (Information Only)

Microsoft Word PR-05.61 Establishment of the M.S. in Finance

Microsoft Word PR-06.01 Establishment of a New Course Subject, MBT (Medical Biotechnology) for the proposed Master of Science in Medical Biotechnology program

Microsoft Word PR-06.02 Revision to the Master of Public Health (Professional Enhancement Program) Requirements

Microsoft Word Guidelines for Multi-Institutional Degrees

Microsoft Word PR-06.03 Revision of the B.A. in Liberal Arts and Sciences, Major and Minor in African-American Studies

Microsoft Word PR-06.04 Revision and Redesignation of the Undergraduate Concentration in International Business as the Minor in International Business

Microsoft Word PR-06.05 Revision of the Bachelor of Science in Information and Decision Sciences

Microsoft Word PR-06.06 Establish a Minor in Labor Markets and Workforce Development (previously submitted as a Concentration)

Microsoft Word PR-06.07 Establish a Minor in Real Estate (previously submitted as a Concentration)

Microsoft Word EP-06.01 Policy Item for Review and Endorsement: Objectives and Evaluation Criteria

Microsoft Word Policy Item for Review and Endorsement: Admission Requirement Changes

Microsoft Word PR-06.08 Revision of the B.S. in Chemical Engineering Degree Program and the Minor in Chemical Engineering

Microsoft Word PR-05.72 Redesignation the Department of Biomedical and Therapeutic Sciences at the College of Medicine at Peoria as the Department of Cancer Biology and Pharmacology

Microsoft Word Senate Committee on Educational Policy Guidelines for Adding, Eliminating, Suspending, Revising, & Reorganizing Academic Programs & Units

Microsoft Word PR-06.09 Revision to the B.S. in Computer Engineering and the Minor in Computer Engineering

Microsoft Word PR-06.10 Revision to the B.S. in Electrical Engineering and the Minor in Electrical Engineering

Microsoft Word PR-06.11 Revision to the B.S. in Engineering Physics Program