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Course Request Help Topics

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Course Title

(page 1 of course request)


Full Course title:

*A full course title is required.
Enter in the box the proposed full course title. Use capital and lower case letters. Do not use abbreviations or acronyms or ampersands ("& signs"). The full title will appear in the course catalogs and Schedule.

Short title:

*A short course title is required.
When you tab to the field for the short course title, the full course title entered will default if it is 25 characters or less.
If the full title consists of more than 25 characters, enter the proposed short title. Use capital and lower case letters. Abbreviations, acronymns, and ampersands ("& signs") are acceptable. The short title is used in the Banner system and will appear on such documents as student grade reports, schedules, and transcripts. Note that the 25 character maximum includes spaces in between words. Do not use periods after abbreviations; colons (:), dashes (-), and ampersands (&) are acceptable. You may also save space by using numbers (1,2,3) rather than Roman numerals (I, II, III).

NOTE: Both the full and short titles should:
(1) be consistent with the information provided in other items on the form.
(2) be succinct enough to be abbreviated meaningfully, if it consists of more than 25 characters.
(3) as much as possible, be understandable to a non-specialist in your field.


  1. Course title: Geriatric Clinical Nurse Specialist Practicum I     
    Short title: Geriatric CNS Practicum I

  2. Course title: Introduction to Clinical Medicine I - Chicago
    Short title: Intro to Clin Med I

  3. Course title: Planning and Evaluating Therapy Programs in Various Settings
    Short title: Progrm Plan&Eval/Var Setg

  4. Course title: Museum Exhibitions: Theory and Development
    Short title: Museum Exhib:Thry&Develop

  5. Course title: Creative Engineering Design
    Short title: Creative Engr Design

  6. Course title: Western Civilization: 1750 to 1890
    Short title: Western Civ: 1750-1890

  7. Course title: Topics in Beam Physics
    Short title: Topics in Beam Physics
    NOTE: Because "Topics in Beam Physics" consists of only 22 characters, no short title needs to be entered. "Topics in Beam Physics" will appear as both the course title and the short title.