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Instructions: Items 26-28

26. Special support requirements Heading link

Indicate any new or additional support required in the areas of technology or equipment.


  1. Course will utilize the new PC lab being planned for students enrolled in the college.
  2. Slide projector and a video cart
  3. Computer display projection system

27. Sign-offs Heading link

The sign-off section is NOT the same as routing the course request for approval. Do not enter your own unit or college in these fields or those of cross-listed courses.

Instead, the purpose of the sign-off is to notify other units or colleges about your proposed course because: (1) it might overlap with the content of another course in that unit; (2) instructors from the other unit might teach your proposed course; or (3) a course in the other unit might be a prerequisite or corequisite of your proposed course. View the sign-off procedures for more information.

It is optional to enter a sign-off notification. If you decide to add a sign-off, you can enter up to five units/departments and/or five colleges that may be significantly affected by this course.  In the text box, you can add a comment to indicate why the course request is being routed for sign-off.



Department entered: Department of Psychology

  • Comment related to sign-off request: PSCH 100 is listed as a prerequisite for our new course. Therefore, this course is being routed to ensure that the Department of Psychology is aware that this introductory course is being listed.

Department entered: Department of Biological Sciences

  • Comment related to sign-off request: Per our prior discussions, minor overlap was documented with graduate courses in Biological Sciences.  The final version of this course is being routed to the department for your information.

28. Faculty proposer(s) Heading link

List the name(s) of the proposer(s) of the new or revised course in this field.  Listing the proposer(s) is not required; however, it will help the reviewers understand who to contact if there are specific questions about course content and/or delivery.


  1. Dr. FirstName LastName, Associate Professor, College X
  2. Undergraduate Academic Program Committee in College X

General education category justification Heading link

Respond to this question only if the general education section of the course request form is completed.

Based on the course content (i.e., course description, course learning outcomes, course learning outcome assessment methods, major topics, and sample sources), explain how the course fits into the general education category(ies) selected and how the course satisfies the general education learning outcomes that you’ve chosen to assess.