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(page 4 of course request)


A corequisite is a course that must be taken concurrently with this course. A corerequisite should be related directly to the content of this course. Often a corequisite is a laboratory course that must be taken at the same time as the related lecture course. The Banner system could enforce corequisite courses (i.e., force the student to register in both courses at the point of registration.) To find out more about enforced corequisites in Banner, contact the Office of Programs and Academic Assessment (OPAA).

If one or more corequisites are needed, enter the corresponding course subject(s) (via pull-down menu) and course number(s) in the field(s) in groups a-f, as appropriate. If you insert more than one concurrent registration course, choose a connector (and/or) via the pull-down menu.

NOTE: Only course subjects and course numbers can be entered in the boxes.

To enter a more complex concurrent registration requirement, or to add existing text to a concurrent registration requirement, insert text into the box provided.

Corerequisites, prerequisites, and restrictions should be considered together. They should be thought of collectively and cumulatively, in reference to academic programs, and not simply in terms of a specific course or courses. Each course should have the minimum corequisites, prerequisites, and restrictions, so that students can progress smoothly through their academic programs. Such sensible corequisites, prererequisites, and restrictions will insure access to all courses for which students have the appropriate academic preparation. At the same time, instructors can assume the requisite substantive knowledge and skills among all students enrolled in the course. Corequisites, prererequisites, and restrictions should be stated in ways that provide maximum course access and insure a quality learning environment for all enrolled in the course. Units should consider corequisites, prerequisites, and restrictions in relation to students who enter UIC's undergraduate and graduate programs from other universities.


  1. CHEM 102 [“Concurrent registration in CHEM 102” will appear in the course catalog.]

  2. PHAR 332 and [and/or selection] PHAR 333
    Entered into the text box: “or consent of the instructor.”
    ["Concurrent registration in PHAR 332 and PHAR 333 or consent of the instructor.” will appear in the course catalog.]

  3. Entered into the text box only, also to appear in the course catalog:
    “Must be taken concurrently with the first or second 200-level Latin American Studies course taken after declaration of the major.”