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The University of Illinois Statutes provide a detailed framework for aspects of governance of the University, including administrative organization and responsibilities, and legislative organization and functions. The statutes include directives related to the formation of new academic units and changes in the organization (e.g., termination, separation, transfer, merger, change in status, or renaming) of existing ones.

Academic units may be:

  • Instructional units - including colleges, schools, divisions, departments, and programs (e.g., Program in Museum and Exhibition Studies).
  • Centers and institutes - formally approved units that are organized for research or public service, and which may also have an educational component.

Formation and Reorganization of Academic Units Heading link

The Office of Academic Programs (AP) advises UIC leadership and the colleges in the development of proposals related to academic units.

Academic unit proposals are approved through a robust governance process that is consistent with policies and guidelines outlined by the Illinois Board of Higher Education (IBHE). Engaging representatives from multiple levels of governance allows for a thorough review of the proposal. As this process is iterative in nature, the proposal may be modified at any stage of the process in response to feedback from stakeholders at each governance level.

Use the links on this page to learn more about how to establish, reorganize, and eliminate instructional units, centers and institutes at UIC.

For assistance with unit-related questions, please contact Dana Wright.