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Course Request System

The Course Request System (CRS) is a web-based system that allows departments and colleges to electronically submit requests to add, change, or drop courses. All course requests are entered into CRS and then go through an approval process. After course requests are approved, information from CRS is entered into Banner for purposes related to registration, transcription, billing, and financial aid. This information is also used by the university to generate catalog entries and to schedule classes. The information in the system is used to develop, assess, and revise curricula as well as to track the evolution of curricula over time.

Important Information

  • CRS is accessible via machines on the campus network or connected through the VPN (Virtual Private Network) – a service that allows users to securely access campus resources over a non-UIC Internet connection. To connect to the VPN, you must download and install free software accessible through Technology Solutions at
  • Departments, divisions, programs within a college, schools, and colleges determine who they want to have access to the CRS system. It is recommended that each unit authorize at least two users.
    • View a list of authorized CRS users
    • To request access to CRS, download and complete the CRS Access Authorization Form.
    • Read the CRS Manual. This manual provides a detailed overview of the system.
    • Download the CRS fillable course form. The Word version of the course request form can be used to gather required information or it can be shared with faculty who do not have access to CRS. For assistance with the CRS fillable course form, review instructions for each item on the form, and access help screens within the CRS system by clicking on the Help icons.