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Drop an Approved Course

Use the resources on this page to learn more about how to permanently remove a course from the UIC Academic Catalog. Through the links below, you can review the approval process and procedures to drop a course; download a Word version of the course request form; view related resources; review the deadlines associated with the process; and read examples of rationales for dropping courses.

Approval Process Heading link

No form is required to initiate course requests, which are entered directly into the CRS system. The Word version of the course request form can be used to gather the required information, but it is not submitted to Academic Programs (AP). View instructions for each item on the form.

Course drops must be approved by the offering unit (e.g., department, division) and the college following procedures established by the college. Once those approvals have been entered into the CRS system, the request for the course drop is automatically sent to Academic Programs (AP). AP can process most course drops after they are submitted without further approvals; however, if a drop request is part of a larger program revision, the drop will not be processed until the program revision has been approved through the appropriate levels of campus governance. View a flowchart of the entire approval process.

Note about cross-listed courses. If the course being dropped is cross-listed, the cross-listing unit and college (if different than the controlling college) must sign off before the controlling college can approve the drop. If a non-controlling unit would like to drop a cross-listed course that it offers, it must first contact the controlling unit which has to initiate the request in CRS.

Procedures Heading link

  • After you log in to CRS, you will see the CRS production screen.
  • From this screen, choose “drop an approved course” from the menu.
  • You will then be presented with one screen to complete. Choose the course you would like to drop from the drop-down menu.
  • Enter the term and year when the drop should be effective.
  • Related courses field: If any other course request(s) or academic program request(s) are related to this course request, and need to be processed at the same time as this request, identify each such request by entering the name of the courses (course subject and number) and/or name of the program(s). An academic program may be a degree/major, concentration, certificate, or minor.
  • Enter a general reason for this request: A general reason for the course drop is required. To help reviewers at the department, college, and university levels understand the rationale for dropping the course, briefly describe in this section why the course is being dropped. See examples of rationales for dropping courses in the section below.
  • Click “submit” and then navigate to the “approval/signoff” page from the main CRS menu to complete the course request.
  • Drop requests must be completed in one session. You cannot save them for editing in a later session.

Examples of Rationales for Course Drops Heading link

  • This course was proposed by a faculty member who is no longer in the department. The department recently reviewed all courses listed in the catalog, and found that this course is no longer aligned with the department’s mission.
  • Much of the content of this course has been transferred to the new course PA 415, Organizational Theory and Public Management. The old course focused on organizational theory and analysis in the context of political institutions, which is more appropriate for a degree in political science. The new course emphasizes organizational theory as it applies to management, which is more appropriate for public administration.